What is Storytelling in Marketing? & How to Build Your Brand Through Storytelling?

By simply telling a story you could plant ideas, thoughts, and emotions into the listeners’ brains. Learn the 5 secrets of Brand Storytelling.

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When I first began in sales I thought it was as simple as, “Offer a great product at a great price and people will buy it!” Over the years I have learned that product and price are important but trust is also imperative.

Giving customers a glimpse of who you are and assuring them that you are trustworthy can be the factor that convinces a customer to buy from you rather than your competition.

Building trust can be a challenge in the eCommerce world. The days of a firm handshake and eye contact when closing a sale are gone.

One of the ways that I build an online connection with my customers is by incorporating stories about my life and what I have learned along the way.

5 Secrets to Use Storytelling for Brand Marketing Success

Let’s learn the five secrets that brand storytellers understand and use to intrigue, engage, and connect emotionally with consumers.

1. Make It Relevant

The stories that you tell should be relevant to your audience. Sharing what my wife and I had for dinner last night may not be the best way to convince you that I understand your struggles as a business owner.

Stories live beyond the pages
Stories live beyond the pages

It is important to let people know who you are, but you should do that through stories and examples that are relevant to your product and your customers.

I have a friend that started a mail order clothing service. He often tells his potential customers about some of the frustrating experiences he has had at his local mall.

These stories are perfect because his audience can both commiserate and realize how convenient and stress-free it would be to have their clothing chosen for them and sent directly to their door.

2. Make It Relatable

On my Dropship Lifestyle website, I often share the story of how I scraped together some money as a teenager and convinced a local bakery to let me deliver cookies on Long Island.

by simple telling a story the participnt could plant ideas, thoughts and emotions into the listeners' brains. Dr Uri Hasson - brand-story-telling-quote

by simple telling a story the participnt could plant ideas, thoughts and emotions into the listeners’ brains. Dr Uri Hasson

I was desperate to be my own boss, even if it meant sitting on the Long Island Expressway for two hours a day! This story resonates with people that are unhappy with their employer and came to Dropship Lifestyle to make a change.

It is a small part of my life story but I know that everyone that who comes to my website can relate to that feeling.

3. Make It Impactful

Impactful stories in marketing often include examples of both positive and negative results that you have experienced and learned from.

The best brands are built on great stories
The best brands are built on great stories. Ian Rowden

I have always loved the story of soft drink giant Coke’s attempt to change their formula in the mid-1980s.

The “New Coke” was an instant failure. Coke quickly reintroduced their original formula and gained significant market share as a result.

Sharing lessons that you have learned while watching other companies succeed or struggle shows your customers that you are abreast of the big events that have made an impact on your industry.

4. Make It Interesting

Storytelling has to be entertaining if you want your customers to stay engaged. If your brand is quirky or humorous, use that same tone in your marketing.

Image Credit: CrazyEngage.com

Behind the scenes glimpses of your company, for example, can endear your brand to your customers and at the same time make them feel connected to your brand. Read about clever, and carefully planned storytelling examples full of key aspects that play on our emotions.

It is like watching the bloopers after the credits of a movie. It doesn’t detract from the performance of the actors, but it does make you relate more to them as people.

5. Make It Face-to- Face

Whenever possible, I highly recommend that you tell your story directly to your customers. The way that I achieve this level of intimacy with my leads is usually through webinars.

I have found that most people believe half of what they read and 150% of what they see. They are bombarded with emails and messages all day, every day.

Brand-storytelling tips
Credit: prmention.com

To set yourself apart you want to give them a face to put with your message. The level of trust skyrockets when they can see you telling your story.

Webinars are not the only way to let your customers see you. You can embed videos on your website, utilize social media tools such as Facebook Live or even host an event that your customers attend in person.

I host a luxury retreat every year that allows me to interact directly with my audience. The events are always a huge success and create memorable stories for my customers to share with their friends and family.

The Impact Of Brand Storytelling in Marketing – Infographic

This infographic from playnetwork that visualize and illustrates the importance of brand storytelling, from the consumer’s viewpoint.


Final Words

Don’t be afraid to pull back the curtain! Share how you became an expert in your field and how that expertise can benefit them.

Injecting storytelling into your marketing will keep your leads engaged longer, build a personal connection with them, and provide them with the confidence that you are someone that they want to do business with.

You can also read this interesting article about storytelling which covers 9 Tips For Building Brand Stories That Can Influence Audience Sentiments.

In other words… storytelling equals lead conversion!. I hope now you know what is Brand Storytelling, the importantce of Brand Storytelling and how you can use Storytelling to grow your own brand.

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