10Web Review – An affordable service for all your WordPress Needs

Read our review of 10web, a new service for WordPress professionals, offering affordable plans to create and manage multiple sites without wasting hundreds of dollars every month on expensive plugins, themes and other services.

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WordPress has become the most popular choice to build blogs and websites. There are many reasons to choose WordPress over many other Content Management Systems. Helping community, quick updates, thousands of free and paid plugins and themes lets you build any type of website or blog.

To set up and manage a blog/website that matters, you need some essential plugins, tools, and a great theme. For example, backups are one of the most important things for any website and as a WordPress user, you have a lot of backup plugins available.

Thousands of developers and teams are creating and selling powerful WordPress plugins, themes and other services. Today, I am going to review https://10web.io/ a WordPress site management and support service.

What is 10Web?


So let’s see, if their claim is true.

Currently 10Web is offering following features and services.

  • 60+ Plugins/Add-ons
  • WordPress site Backups
  • Image Optimizer
  • Themes
  • Unified Dashboard
  • WordPress Support

Getting is started is easy and simple, because their starter plan is free, You can host 1 domain for free which gives you 1GB cloud storage, image optimization (up to 1000 images per month), website performance and SEO service.

Once you are satisfied with their basic services, You can upgrade to the premium bundle of your choice. Premium bundles let you use all of their plugins, themes, and services on multiple domains.

Pricing Plans & Features

You can pay for 6 months or for 12 months. which gives you full access to all future updates and Premium support. Plugins licensed under GPL.

10web plans and pricing
10web plans and pricing

Currently, 10web is offering 3 plans.

  • Starter – $0 per month 1 Domain
  • Standard $75 for 6 month or $125 per year 3 domains
  • Premium $125 for 6 month or $170 per year 30 domains

It does not matter which plan you choose, You will get access to all the premium features, plugins, and themes.

10web services

Domains: The only limitation is with domain names. You can use all the premium features, 60+ plugins and themes on 3 or 30 domain with the standard and premium plan respectively.

Backup storage: Basic (free) plan has 1GB backup storage limit, Standard plan has 10GB while Premium plan offers 50GB to backup your WordPress content.

Image Optimization: Images are one of the most important parts of any website or blog, large Images can really slow down your website. A good blogger never compromises on the speed of their site and optimized images can make your site faster.

The basic, standard and premium plan allows you to optimize 1000, 20,000 and 150000 images/month respectively.

  • Conservative mode: up to 20% reduction
  • Balanced mode: up to 40% reduction
  • Extreme mode: up to 90% reduction

SEO Services: Gather insights on search queries, clicks, and technical errors on your website and improve site SEO with a service from 10 Web.

10web SEO service

From the straightforward dashboard of the tool, you can adjust meta information of any page, enable or disable page indexation, and check content analysis to further improve your site rankings on Google.

With the SEO Service, You can also track as many keywords and you want and get detailed insights on search queries position changes on daily basis with our upcoming service features.

Website Performance

10web website performance service
10web website performance service

The faster website means better user engagement, conversion rates, and higher search engine rankings. With the 10web tools, You will be able to test your website performance with their performance service, find weak points and bottlenecks and speed-up your site with insightful recommendations.

Premium WordPress Themes

WordPress Themes

Currently 6 premium themes are available. Best Magazine, Business Elite, Sauron, Portfolio Gallery, Business World and News Magazine. You can use these professional premium themes on your different sites.

Premium Plugins

WordPress Plugins

As I discussed earlier, some plugins are required on almost every site. Here is a list of some most important plugins.

  • Form Maker
  • Photo Gallery
  • Slider WD
  • Google Maps
  • ECommerce WD
  • Google Analytics
  • MailChimp WD
  • YouTube
  • Post Slider
  • Ad Manager
  • FAQ, Calendar, Facebook, Twitter, Video

and many more plugins are available. If you will buy all these plugins separately, it’ll cost you hundreds of dollars. For example, a premium contact form plugin such as Gravity Forms will cost you $59 per year for a single site.

But 10Web’s premium plan costs only $75 for 6 months ($12.5 per month), which allows you to use 60+ plugins, themes, unified dashboard, 10GB backup storage and you can also optimize 20,000+ images every month on 3 different domains.

It means you will be paying just $4 per month per domain to access the premium plugins, themes, and services. It’s unbelievable pricing for these type of services.

The great thing about 10web is that You can use Premium Products Even After Cancellation.

Final Words

10web is offering a great and very affordable service for professional WordPress developers and bloggers. 10web is offering Very affordable plans, for bloggers and freelance developers. Go ahead and start with your favorite plan today.

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